Thursday, August 23, 2018

Young People are the Move

These days, we (me and my buddies) are looking forward to, dear I say…our Golden years. Growing up, none of us ever thought about that. Certainly we didn’t talk about it. I was convinced that I would never live to see the age of 40. But then a very important friend told me to stop saying that because words are very powerful. It was a tremendous life lesson. I’m proud to say I made it past 40, and I’m now 54 years old. This is a piece that is about 24 hours I recently spent in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

White Nationalist Rally Didn't Work

In both Washington D.C. and Virginia, counter-protesters and police outnumbered them. hashtag#politics hashtag#naziflag hashtag#trump

‘Unite The Right 2’ Rally Fizzles Out

Hate Crimes Rising In NYC Despite Overall Drop In Crime

Hate Crimes Rising SHARPLY In NYC Despite Overall Drop In Crime. My conversation with Rabbi David Niederman of the United Jewish Organizatio...