Sunday, February 17, 2019

The time I thought we might actually have a fight on LIVE TV.

The POLITICAL match that got so bad, HOWARD STERN talked about it on his radio show/played clips AND this situation made THE NY TIMES!!!! So it's the night before the Bloomberg/Mark Green election for NYC Mayor, and on NY1, we were doing our regular pre-election show after working the entire weekend. I was shot energy-wise, just trying to get to election day. It was 10pm, and thought I could just *coast* through the segment. BOY WAS I WRONG. On one side was former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, and the other, Barnard Professor Ester Fuchs. It got really BAD, REALLY FAST, and all I remember was Executive Producer Claire Brinberg yelling repeatedly in my ear "do something." I said: "Ladies....Ladies....please ladies. They wouldn't stop talking over each other. WE WERE LIVE! WHAT THE HELL COULD I DO? Claire had our tech team kill their mic's, AND THEY STILL KEPT GOING. This is a true story where Claire Brinberg posted the NY Times newspaper clip. #esterfuchs #elizabethholtzman #ny1

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